Graphic Designers Surveyed

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What happens when you survey UK- and US-based graphic designers and ask prying questions about life and work? Presented here are the responses, by turn fanatical, funny and frank, of 1,988 designers. Working in collaboration with social scientist Nikandre Kopcke, we present new findings and re-evaluate age-old clichés about graphic design: from studio to household, from student to CEO, across gender, age and the Atlantic. Exhausted but enthusiastic, critical and creative, frustrated yet optimistic… their answers will surprise. One thing is certain – they really love graphic design and what it can do. Graphic Designers Surveyed was designed by LucienneRoberts+ with more complex visualisations by data designer Stefanie Posavec.

A quiet masterpiece of information design.
This insightful book strikes at the heart of what it means to be a graphic designer today.
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Lucienne Roberts Rebecca Wright Jessie Price with Nikandre Kopcke Stefanie Posavec





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