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Doorway in Katovice, Poland

Foreign travel always gets the graphic design antenna going and if the trip is to a design conference then that’s even better! As I’d hoped, last month’s trip to Katovice, Poland yielded intriguing looking accents and delightful pictograms in the streets and some challenging brainwork presented by my fellow-speakers in the conference hall.

The conference title, Research in Graphic Design / Graphic Design in Research, appealed from the moment I was invited to speak. A clever way to initiate discussions around emphasis and the relationship between graphic design and other fields, it chimed whole-heartedly with what Rebecca and I are doing with GraphicDesign&.

I started by outlining progress on Brains – a current exhibition design project that my studio LucienneRoberts+ is working on for the Wellcome Collection in London. This lead neatly to talk of GraphicDesign& – with a summation of the live information design project at last year’s Design Museum launch and a sneak preview of Page 1. As a nice chap at the front made clear I had one minute left to speak, I finished relieved and happy to have spread the GraphicDesign& word a little further a field.


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