Page 1: Great Expectations Design Museum launch

  • GraphicDesign&
  • 8 February 2014

Fraser Muggeridge in praise of images.

For the Page 1: Great Expectations launch at London’s Design Museum, 18 contributors gave visual presentations to explain more of their design rationales. For those who missed it, here are three of the night’s speakers recorded live.

On 11 May 2012, London’s Design Museum hosted the launch of GraphicDesign&’s first publication, Page 1: Great Expectations. The packed event started with a series of presentations by 18 of the contributing designers. Mindful that Charles Dickens was born on the 7 February 1812, and that this was his bicentenary year, GraphicDesign& gave speakers two minutes to present seven images that expanded on their rationales printed in the book.

Several of the speakers referenced the 1946 film adaptation of Great Expectations by director David Lean, including designer Fraser Muggeridge whose studio produced a film of its own for the occasion.

Tony Chambers on widows and orphans.

Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief, Tony Chambers, whose Page 1 contribution had intentionally included the editorial faux pas of a lonely ‘orphan’, developed his typographic theme further by questioning the use of a sans-serif on the gravestone in Lean’s opening scene. As Chambers pointed out, Baskerville (the typeface he himself chose for his Page 1 entry) would have been a more historically accurate choice – not only because John Baskerville began his trade as an engraver of headstones, but also because the sight of lowercase sans serif lettering in an early nineteenth-century graveyard would have been singular indeed.

Tony Brook in praise of historical variety.

Considering how Dickens’s words have been represented typographically, Spin’s Tony Brook kept the audience entertained with this whistle-stop tour of covers. Watch out for some unlikely pairings – ‘the modernist Dickens’, ‘the sans-serif Dickens’ and even ‘Josef Albers meets Dickens’ to name but a few.

A public event to mark the launch of the GraphicDesign& Mathematics title, Golden Meaning is being held at the Design Museum in London on 26 February 2014.